Who We Are

We are a group of independent healthcare providers who specialize in offering a proven methodology for weight loss. More specifically, we are providers who have agreed to uphold a standard of science, support and quality in delivering a solution for obesity and metabolic dysfunction to our Florida communities.  

If you are affected by obesity, overweight or metabolic disorders, you deserve to have access to safe, drug-free and non-invasive methods that result in rapid weight loss. You also deserve the greatest opportunity to reverse metabolic syndrome and make lasting lifestyle changes to maintain your health gains. 

Too often the weight loss solutions offered by retailers and even some health care providers are not based on accepted evidence. That approach puts people at high risk for adverse events and a cycle of weight regain that keeps them coming back for the next risky and ineffective method. 

At our clinics, you will discover the power of your own biochemistry. When leveraging the right foods and professional support​, your body becomes a fat-burning machine, quite literally.  There is no need for stimulants, appetite suppressants, injections or any other potentially dangerous weight loss aids.

The key is simply helping you follow a powerful fat-burning diet long enough to reach your goals, then empowering you with a structured plan for weight stabilization and maintenance.

Watch our free seminar by visiting one of our clinic pages. You will learn all the details including exactly how the method works and how to get started. 

Bringing Awareness to Weight Bias

Besides addressing the epidemic of obesity and overweight in our communities, we also work toward increasing awareness of weight bias. 

People affected by obesity, overweight and diseases such as lipodema​ deal with discrimination in all areas of life including health care. 

We focus on teaching the real reasons behind excess fat gain in our society. Laziness or lack of willpower is not the culprit in most cases.  ​

​Watch our free seminar to gain more insight. 

The myweightclinic.com Logo

The myweightclinic.com logo is a flame that has 3 meanings. First, it stands for the unified spirit of quality that our independent weight loss clinics have joined together to uphold.  Second, the flame shape represents the rapid fat-burning approach of our weight loss protocols. And finally, the 3 colors - green is for our commitment to accepted science, orange is for our commitment to providing caring support to every client for life and blue is for our commitment to quality in following the proven best practices of our protocol, service and products.