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Learn the secret behind our proven rapid weight loss method.

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Hohman Rehab and Sports Therapy is a multi-provider Physical Therapy and Weight Loss Clinic in Clermont, FL. 

Why is Hohman Rehab Weight Loss Different?


Utilizing accepted science with a medically derived and supervised fat-burning diet, Clermont clients have complete peace of mind that our weight loss method is highly effective, well-studied and safe.

No need to worry about controversial supplements, dangerous drugs, pills or dis-proven weight loss tactics. 


Hohman Rehab Weight Loss Clients are well-supported and held accountable via regular visits with certified coaches at our Clermont FL center, daily videos, support groups and online learning.

These support methods are based on the most authoritative evidence available and achieve 2 times more weight loss than remotely monitored approaches. 


Hohman Rehab Weight Loss agrees to uphold a demanding standard of quality, updated continuously with the latest science. 

Our Clermont, FL weight loss clinic utilizes proven best practices, tools and clinical support to help you safely lose weight fast and keep it off

Meet The Hohman Weight Loss Team

Katie Hohman, PT, Owner

Katie Hohman is the owner of Hohman Rehab and Sports Therapy, which opened in 2009. She has a doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine and is the clinical director for the physical therapy office.

Katie oversees any health concerns related to patients starting the Ideal Protein program in the clinic and works with the diet coach to educate the central Florida community.

Since being overweight causes complications with overall health and the musculoskeletal system, it was only natural that a strong, reputable weight loss program become implemented into the clinic.

Success Stories

weight loss men testimonial

David G.

"Since starting this weight loss program I reduced multiple medications, I'm able to walk better, stand much longer and no longer have the shortness of breath like before*. The folks at the Hohman Clinic are always so friendly and welcoming and non-judgmental - The health coaching was a big reason for my success, helping me lose 120 lbs and 55 inches! They helped me realize that even though it's not easy, I can get and keep control over my weight. Blessings to all!"

Clermont weight loss testimonial

Edilia S.

​"I've tried all the diets. This is different. I finally know how to eat and keep the weight off!"

Learn how we help clients like David and Edilia make simple but powerful lifestyle improvements.

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