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Why our clients love Ideal Protein

FAST, Safe Weight Loss

Our mission is to provide fast weight loss results while improving long-term health. The IP Protocol burns fat quickly while protecting muscle and organs.


Ideal Protein's industry-leading medical advisory board and clinical support team assure that all programs leverage the latest science and clinical guidelines.  

Weight Maintenance Code

Ideal Wellness clients have access to a proprietary macro code for their unique metabolism and activity level to overcome natural weight re-gain mechanisms.   

Albina Buist, Health Coach

Experienced Coaching
Support from a caring professional makes a difference.

"For years I tried all the wrong ways to lose weight- pills, crash diets, 'keto'. I'm still paying the price for some of those choices. Thankfully, I came across Ideal Protein and it totally changed the way I approach food. After 11 years of maintaining over 100 lbs of weight loss, and 6 years of 1-on-1 coaching with clients, I understand the physical and emotional challenges of weight loss. Whether it's 30 or 230 lbs you want to lose... I know what it takes and those that stick with me will get to their goals quickly and sustainably."

Tools for Success
Delicious foods that encourage healthy habits

Ideal Protein manufactures an unmatched quality of foods and supplements. From taste to absorption, to the macros and purity, there's simply no substitute. Far from 'diet-food', the protocol consists of tasty partial-meals, snacks and drinks that combine with a select list of nutritious whole food to meet individual goals and support a healthy lifestyle. 

Proven Results
Ideal Protein is backed by peer-reviewed, published research

The weight loss industry is good at hype, but often bad at trustworthy evidence. Testimonials are nice, we have a lot of those, too. However, Ideal Protein stands out with multiple well-designed studies, including this latest study published in 'Obesity Science and Practice', which showed 6X greater weight loss compared to a low fat/low calorie diet. Several short and long-term studies have shown marked improvement in weight, BMI, blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammatory markers. 


"I've tried it all, but Ideal Protein works! Albina is awesome and one of my motivators!"

Jennifer K.

"I can finally walk around Disney again without getting exhausted!"

Liz M.

"I found Coach Albina with the luck of God. I am at 186 as of this morning (started at 278).  After 35 years of struggling, I have finally done it!"

Patrick H.

"Having someone you trust who will be there to get you back on track makes a big difference."

Caitlyn J.

"It's so simple and the support keeps me going!"

Mallory N.

"I can tell you that a good coach truly makes a big difference in your success to living a healthy lifestyle. Coach Albina is not just someone who sells you the food, and wants to keep you on forever. She wants to do the right thing by teaching you the fundamentals, so that you will not have to rely on special foods to lose weight. The best part is, you get a coach who helps you to stay on track for a life time."

Sophie D.

"Starting this journey with Ideal Wellness was one of the best decisions I ever made."

Fran B.

How to Find Us

Ideal Wellness has a convenient location serving the Orlando and surrounding areas including Celebration, Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee, Windermere, Winter Haven, Winter Garden, Viera, Palm Bay, Indialantic, Melbourne and more. Virtual coaching and direct-shipping is also available for clients unable to visit our clinic.

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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic

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