Ideal Wellness Weight Loss Celebration, Melbourne FL Coach Albina

Video Reveals World's #1 Proven Plan for Fast, Safe,
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Weight Loss! 

'It changed my life 7 years ago. Now, I'm changing other people's lives.' - Coach Albina

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I struggled with weight for most of my adult life and my first pregnancy took it to a whole new level.

Then I tried all the wrong ways to lose weight.

Pills. Crash diets. Stuff that ended up causing me more problems than it solved. My weight shot up even higher with my second daughter.

I was done with tricks. No more drugs, shots or ridiculous gadgets. No more deprivation or yo-yo dieting. It was time to get help from a reputable professional with a simple plan that also answers the long-term problem - maintaining a healthy weight. 

This led me to find something rare in the weight loss industry. A realistic and dare I say 'easy' to follow protocol that relies on your body's own wisdom, allowing you to stop being your own worst enemy. 

Within a few months, I was in the best shape of my life. Physically and emotionally.   

Albina Buist, Health Coach at Ideal Wellness

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That was 7 years ago and I'm still maintaining those results. Now I'm sharing the 'secret formula' with others who are tired of being led down the primrose path for weight loss. It's not something you can get online or download to your smartphone. Can't buy it at a big box or vitamin store. Unfortunately, even some clinic-based programs fail to deliver it. 

Sign up free to watch our informative video revealing exactly how thousands have achieved fast, safe and sustainable weight loss. 

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Ideal Wellness Ideal Protein Weight Loss

A Few Ideal Wellness Clients

I found Coach Albina with the luck of God. I am at 186 as of this morning (started at 278).  After 35 years of struggling, I have finally done it! 

-Dr. Patrick H. Read the full story...

Having someone you trust who will be there to get you back on track makes a big difference. -Caitlyn J.
I really was surprised the foods tasted so good! -Tammy T.
I drove an hour every week to see Albina and it was well worth it! She's the best! -Linda F.
It works so fast the progress sneaks up on you! - Angie L.
I can finally walk around Disney again without getting exhausted! - Liz M.
It's so simple and Albina's support keeps me going! -Mallory N.
This is just what I needed. It's as convenient as healthy eating can possibly get! - Linda R.
Starting this plan with Coach Albina was one of the best decisions I ever made! - Fran B
Weight Loss Orlando Testimonial

I've tried it all, but this plan works! Albina is awesome and one of my motivators! Jennifer K.


Ideal Wellness Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Ideal Wellness is a professional weight loss clinic featuring Ideal Protein, a natural, food-based protocol and supervised coaching led by Coach Albina. Get all the details, including current start-up specials, by booking a consultation HERE >>.


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1600 W Eau Gallie Blvd, Suite 205-E
Melbourne, FL 32935
Ideal Wellness Weight Loss Melbourne
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