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Weight Loss at Thrive Chiropractic

Thrive Weight Loss is a Nutrition, Chiropractic and Yoga center in St. Augustine, FL.

Meet The Thrive Weight Loss Team

Jon and Kristi Barnewolt, D.C.

After opening Thrive Chiropractic, Nutrition & Yoga in June 2015, Drs. Jon & Kristi knew they wanted to go on the Ideal Protein diet. In September and October 2015, during an 8 week period, Dr. Jon lost 54 lbs and Dr. Kristi lost 24 lbs. Both also lost enough body fat to put them into the fitness range, a healthy indicator of body composition. During this time, Thrive began to offer the program and has helped many dieters to achieve their health goals, including not only weight loss and decreased body fat, but also decreases in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, chronic pain, and “bad” cholesterol.

Dr. Jon and Dr. Kristi are both graduates of the renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the world’s first chiropractic college. Both doctors hold a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from Palmer. Lifelong students, the doctors currently have over 20 years of combined higher education.

Tami Albritton, Health Coach 

Ideal Protein Coach Tami

Tami is our amazing Ideal Protein Coach! She is also a Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours (RYT-200), has a passion to empower people to create healthy lifestyles through changing their diet and their relationship with food. Tami’s years of Life Coaching, studying nutrition and her own personal journey in healing her body of various health issues with changes in nutrition helped prepare her to become Thrive’s Ideal Protein Coach.

Tami has helped many St. Augustine residents make profound health transformations, quickly becoming one of Florida's most successful Ideal Protein coaches. We are lucky to have her!


thrive weight loss testimonial - Christene

I began this journey to finally lose my "baby" weight. I had gained about 70 lbs during pregnancy several years ago ... My son is now 8! I found it hard with the stress of life and work to tackle losing the weight. IP has been great. It took 7 months but I am now down 65lbs - which ironically is only 2 lbs off from what my son weighs now! So I finally lost my baby weight and here is what that looks like! - Christene

tammy testimonial

It's a life changing experience. Frank and I feel great! Happy and healthy! We can keep up with the kids! I have learned a lot and am looking forward to the next part of this journey. Life style change in full force! For those of you that have asked the program is Ideal Protein. If interested visit You can locate a clinic near you. The local clinic in St. Augustine is Thrive. You can contact Tami Albritton for a free consult.      -Tammy

paul testimonial

The hardest thing about this protocol was realizing I wasted 10 good years by not doing it sooner! Seriously good stuff, great support from Tami and Thrive. I cannot be effusive enough in my praise for the Ideal Protein protocol. It works - FAST - and I don't recall a single day I felt hungry, as long as I stuck to plan. -Paul

dr barnewolt

Dr. Barnewolt used Ideal Protein to lose a few pants sizes!

Learn how we help clients make simple but powerful lifestyle improvements. Watch our 13 minute eye-opening video:

Why is Thrive Weight Loss Loss Different?


Utilizing accepted science with a medically derived and supervised fat-burning diet, St. Augustine, FL area clients have complete peace of mind that our weight loss method is highly effective, well-studied and safe.

No need to worry about controversial supplements, dangerous drugs, pills or dis-proven weight loss tactics. 


Thrive Weight Loss clients are well-supported and held accountable via regular visits with certified Ideal Protein coaches at our St. Augustine office, daily videos, support groups and online learning.

These support methods are based on the most authoritative evidence available and achieve 2 times more weight loss than other approaches. 


Thrive Weight Loss agrees to uphold a demanding standard of quality set by the members, updated continuously with the latest science. 

Drs. Jon, Kristi and their team utilize proven best practices, tools and clinical support to help you safely lose weight fast and keep it off

Recommended Clinic

Because Of The Standards We Are Committed To

Thrive Weight Loss is a Recommended Clinic!

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