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Top Orlando Weight Loss Clinic

Orlando, Florida is one of America's fastest growing metropolitan areas with many weight loss doctors and clinics to choose from. Orlando is most known for Disney World and Universal studios and the many tourist attractions around central Florida. However, the area is also home to one of the world's technology and education hubs, and the hottest real estate markets. This means a growing demand for healthcare, which Orlando happens to be one of Florida's biggest hubs for. 

Maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism is critical for living a healthy life and being able to fight off virus and environmental toxins. Ideal Protein, with thousands of healthcare professional supervised clinics and millions of patients and clients who've achieved better health, is a powerful option for most people who want to lose weight fast and prevent weight re-gain. 

Ideal Wellness is one of the Orlando area's top weight loss clinics and provider of the Ideal Protein Protocol. Learn more by visiting the Ideal Wellness page.  

Top Vero Beach Weight Loss Clinic

Vero Beach, FL is a city along the coast in the Treasurecoast area between Sebastian and West Palm Beach, known for its beautiful natural beaches and peaceful family neighborhoods. For the last 10+ years, the #1 choice for fast and safe weigh loss in Vero Beach has been Mind, Body & Sport Weight Loss right in the downtown area on 6th Ave. You can learn more about this highly reputable clinic at

Weight Loss Evidence Backs up the Ideal Protein Protocol

When it comes to losing weight, most people want to lose it quickly. The problem with fast weight loss is the tendency for the body to fight against it and once the diet stops, hormones are working against you to add weight back on.

Ideal Protein leverages a proven approach to safely and quickly burn fat, however it's science-based approach doesn't end there. The phase after weight loss is key. Ideal Protein clinics and coaches are able to provide customized guidance for macronutrient intake that is designed to balance out the body's urge to gain the weight back. The formula is designed by dieticians, medical doctors and pharmacists to give you the absolute best chance at maintaining your weight loss. 

The best weight loss clinics in Vero Beach and Orlando Florida utilize the Ideal Protein Protocol. The protocol consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1. Weight Loss.
  • Phase 2. Stabilization.
  • Phase 3. Maintenance.

Each stage is distinct from the one before it, however it builds on the previous phase, utilizing proven science on how the body reacts to weight loss and what are the optimal macro percentages based on your individual metabolism and lifestyle. The Ideal Protein foods are a high quality, professional protein-based, partial meal replacement. These tools make real lifestyle change and weight maintenance more achievable in a high-paced, stressful world. 

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