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The Failed Science Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic [Gary Taubes/Dr. Perlmutter Interview Highlights]

Gary Taubes is an investigative science journalist who has made a name for himself by questioning the science behind the U.S. dietary guidelines over the last 5 decades. He has a pair of New York times best selling books, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “Why We Get Fat and What You Can Do About It”.Another […]

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Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney Issues or Alzheimers? [An Evidence Review]

Artificial sweeteners are something we get asked about a lot. Many people have a strong opinion on their safety and health effects. Opinions are one thing. But how about the evidence?  This is a review of the evidence on the link between zero  calorie sweeteners and obesity, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and Alzheimers.  Quick Navigation […]

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Nutrition Expert Shatters Fat Stigma With Emotional TED Talk

Nothing is worse than that feeling of embarrassment due to our own ignorance or lack of understanding. But that’s how you might feel when you learn the greater truth about why your friend, coworker or family member might be struggling with excess weight. It’s time to bust the fat stigma. It’s not lack of will-power. It’s […]

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How To Lose Weight Fast

Are you serious about how to lose weight fast? Then read on, because it’s very easy to get sucked into an “easy solution” that ends up with you wasting your money and making you even more sick with potentially devastating affects on your life. If You Believe Pills or Potions Are  How To Lose Weight Fast, You’re […]

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