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Bariatric Surgery: Are The Risks Worth It?

Bariatric Surgery has become a heavily promoted option by hospitals for those struggling with morbid obesity, in fact, even moderately obese patients are being targeted by surgical programs. But for many unsuspecting people, weight loss surgery is like learning to swim by asking to be pushed off a boat in the dark deep ocean.

While well-funded marketing campaigns suggest that bariatric surgery has become a safe and effective choice for rapid weight loss, you only need to do a bit of your own homework to discover that something presented as an “easy-button” for achieving healthy weight, is anything but.

Bariatric Surgery is a Huge Lifestyle Commitment

One of the hard to understand aspects (for clinics who are successful with non-surgical interventions) of making a choice to have bariatric surgery is that it requires a major lifestyle change for life. When we consider what makes clients successful in our non-surgical weight loss clinics, we wonder what leads to some people committing to surgery, but not to the choice of safe, natural weight loss through different eating choices?

Especially since different eating choices will absolutely be critical once you have the surgery, with nasty consequences if you do not abide by strict eating rules (such as nausea and vomiting). After surgery, patients will need to follow a strict plan of very small meals several times throughout the day.

Many don’t think about the ramifications of this on their schedules and social lives, or the potential stress of trying to maintain this regimen. It’s often glossed over with the health benefits that can be achieved through the surgery.

Patients also must avoid alcohol because their ability to metabolize alcohol normally is affected by the surgical changes. Special care must be taken not to overdue sugary drinks or shakes as well.

Unfortunately, people are led to believe that counseling and dieting simply will not work, because proponents of bariatric surgery are either ill-equipped or not incentivised to be able to give patients the best chances for long-term lifestyle change without surgery.

Whether you get surgery or not, major lifestyle changes are required for good outcomes. When you leverage up to date nutritional science with a team of professionals supporting you every step of the way with innovative tools, you can achieve the best possible health outcomes without the major risks of bariatric surgery described below.

Bariatric Surgery Risks

Below is a table of the most common complications from Bariatric Surgery.

One more complication not listed here, is death. Studies report 1-3 deaths for every 1,000 bariatric surgery cases.

While bariatric surgery marketing messages are quick to share many testimonials of success stories, they don’t consider that these folks could have achieved these results without surgery and the above risks. The newest technique, gastric banding, is actually reversible, but you are still committing to major risks and multiple surgeries.

It’s looked at as if the rewards outweigh the risks, but when you consider the rewards without the risks above, is that not a better proposition?

Also what the proponents of bariatric surgery don’t share is some of the horrifying stories of what happens when things go bad with weight loss surgery. Such as this story.

There is a better way than surgery. 

If you can get all the benefits of weight loss surgery, without actually going under the knife, wouldn’t that be something you’d like to know? Watch our online workshop now to learn how you can finally take control of your health with tools that make rapid weight loss simple, practical and affordable.

Get weight loss help from a health care professional who truly believes in you, and one who is equipped with the tools to address the challenges of lifestyle modification in our fast-paced, temptation loaded society. Rapid weight loss, and long-term maintenance of healthy weight can achieved without surgery, without drugs and without any gimmicks. Watch our free workshop now for more insight.

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