Weight Loss Secret:  No Desperation Required

Little Known Weight Loss Secret: No Desperation Required

​Any given day you’re bound to run into weight loss advertisements with the following promises:

Lose 15 lbs in one week!

30 lbs in 30 days!

Lose weight without changing what you eat!

New ‘technology’ tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight!​

Why do these ridiculous claims seem to always get at least a portion of the audience to believe them, if only for a few days?

Well, it’s no secret yet we deny it so we don’t have to face it.

It’s called DESPERATION.

When people get desperate they get vulnerable. Savvy (or unscrupulous) marketers know this. In copy-writing courses they teach writers how to ‘pick the scab’ then hand the prospect the ultimate easy-button solution. Talk about the thing that frustrates people and keeps them up at night, basically what makes people hopeless. Then, show them something to give them hope, often with very little effort. But the real tell tale sign of a credible, effective and safe weight loss solution is in the claims being made.

Desperation doesn’t just apply to people who badly want to lose weight. It applies to the companies and providers. Sellers of weight loss solutions who aren’t really in the health care and lifestyle change business are mostly desperate to make a sale. They know drastic claims (even if they fly in the face of good science and standards of care) will make sales. And frankly, besides these outrageous claims, they have nothing to offer. They have no real plan to address the complexities of obesity, no plan to help with the emotional and behavioral aspects of lifestyle change. That takes work. Not just on the patient’s part, but on the providers part. Often it means weekly in-person visits with a highly trained professional for months, sometimes years.

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Congratulation to Mark G who hit his goal last Tuesday losing 281.8 Pounds. You are an inspiration to so many people….

Posted by Weight No Longer LLC – Ideal Protein of Niantic, CT on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yes, one clinic who provides the same method leveraged by myweightclinic.com providers recently had a gentlemen hit his is ultimate weight loss goal of 282 lbs. So as you might guess, that was nearly 2 years of coaching, accountability and discipline, with many ups and downs along the way. But it was the dedicated professionals he worked with that keep him going and ultimately enabled him to get there.  That kind of support and effort isn’t included with a ’30lbs in 30 days’ promotion.

Don’t Let A Weight Loss Seller’s Desperation Become YOUR Desperation

There’s no getting around the fact that seeing those weight loss claims in giant font or hearing them over the radio airwaves is tempting. Just know that the kind of solution and service behind those claims is not sustainable. It’s likely not safe and will ultimately make your weight challenges even worse. You will not hear reputable health care providers saying these kinds of things.

Don’t trust a critical aspect of your health to someone who doesn’t understand basic principles of what leads to long-term success in maintaining a healthy weight. You’ll know because they:

  • Won’t make any specific claim for number of pounds lost in a given time frame
  • Won’t have a too good to be true price. Certainly reputable programs should be reasonable but don’t fall for basement bargain weight loss ads. Your health is not something to discount. So it’s either lacking in an actual service or it’s deceptive and that’s just their get you in the door price.
  • Will focus on proven science and lifestyle change
  • Offer Intensive coaching support and accountability from trained professionals
  • Don’t rely on any special weight loss aid such as: herbal pills, HCG, or B12 which have no clinical evidence to demonstrate any effect on weight loss and obviously do nothing to help with behavior change
  • Don’t rely on appetite suppressants, focusing more on balancing hormone function and improving the bodies own ability to regulate metabolism
  • Have a positive online reviews profile. Granted every company has their disgruntled clients but you can see trends and comparisons. Just search any of these companies using the desperation ads and you’ll find plenty of disturbing complaints!

For more clues on what to look for in a reputable weight loss program that will get you not just fast results, but a long-term improvement in your lifestyle and health, check out this article on the 5 most proven fast weight loss tips of all time. 

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